Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Enough With 2 Double O Seven

Dear All,
Happy New Year and hoping that 2008 is a promising year for all of us. But Kingdom of Ismi itself had wrapped up this 'James Bond' (2_007 maaaa) year with tremendous moments. December itself occupied us with good and bad memories. First was Rick's Wedding at Westin Hotel. A combination of 2 different cultures put under one vow;a promise to live happily together until their dying day. Then, a promise made by HIM to all of us. The one that when He thinks it's the right time, then it is the right time. Our beloved Farah Hendon left us after suffering leukemia for almost a year. To be frank, she's too young to go but it's something that had been promised by HIM and her lost was sadden the whole gang of the family. Al-Fatihah.

*they can really turn a wedding into an award giving ceremony...gosh!!!

Other than that, there were some occasions involving other family members where Ijami being cut-off his 'lil boy' to be transformed to 'big boy' robot :p hehe. Welcome to the real-man world Ijami. Perhaps we should call him Izami (sounds more masculin) rather than Ijami. But who cares? We still call Ismi as Boy even though he looks like a daddy to a bunch of kids.Haha.Then there was 'makan-makan' thingy held in Uncle Ham's house cum a small birthday party to our Tok Ayah aka Uncle Din. Happy Birthday again Uncle Din. It wasnt a grand party but it meant enough for all of us to gather aro
und and 'chill lah bro' together celebrating it.

*Told cha, Boy looks like a big daddy..dun believe me lagi??

So there we go, stories happened in 2007. Let it be something to be remembered in our heart. All laughs and tears - happy and sorrow; let us share them together. Hoping that there will be more to come in 2008. Ciao!!

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