Thursday, January 3, 2008

Welcome To Our Kingdom of ISMI

Dear All,
First and foremost, let's welcome each and everyone to this lovely, happening, cool, crazy (put whatever phrase u feel suit to describe us) family page. As a matter of fact, we are crazy people that crave for 'life'. Remember people!! live life to the fullest. If u think crazy is out of ur life dictionary, then pack ur bag now and start to think where do u really belong to. One more thing, once u're engaged to this community, u have to accept the insanity. Think twice before u do. When u smell each flower, smell it twice. Sometimes it smells nice but sometimes u rather smell a plate of stink rice.

Talking about this ismi tree, it is formed by one sweet couple namely Ismi and Sharifah Hendon (Al-fatihah to both of u). With 9 children combined, the tree started to bloom with quite number of branches; people that Pak Lah should be hired to rule Malaysia. And for that quantity of people, we managed to rock almost all events attended. I tell u what people, happening is assured. Just invite us, we know how to handle the rest. Meaning to say, we are a part-time group of clowns :p Name the place, we ll be there.Any hesitation, come and stop by at every events (including us) and witness it with ur own eye-head (mata kepala). Hahaha. Ismi's army live all around Malaysia but our head quarters is based in Aloq Staq. We have army within Klang Valley province; in Shah Alam, Putrajaya, Subang Jaya . And until now, we are growing ourself bigger and bigger. But we lost some of us during this long life journey (semoga roh mereka dicucuri rahmat; Al-Fatihah).

These are the branches of Ismi tree:
  • Datin Habibah
  • Hajjah Hashimah
  • Capten Ihsan
  • Mrs. Hamidah
  • Mr. Izman
  • Mr. Ilham
  • Mr. Ismail
  • Allahyarham Mr. Izam Shah
  • Mr. Syed Abdul Hamid

That's all for now people. Keep on logging to update urself if u dont wanna be left behind. Till eyes meet the screen again. Ciao !!

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